Team van Silfhout back home from Gothenburg

Sunday, August 27, 2017
Lunteren, The Netherlands

The European Championships in Gothenburg are over, and despite the setbacks, it had been a wonderful week.

Although the Dutch team did not manage to bring home a medal, we still look back at these Championships with pride and satisfaction. Madeleine and Cennin were unfortunate in the Grand Prix, but were able to set things straight in the Special and the freestyle. Unfortunately Edward and Voice weren’t at their best at these Championships, but that happens sometimes and is a part of equestrian sport as well. Patrick and Zippo have shown two remarkable performances and were so close to qualifying for the freestyle. The rider, who trains with Alex, was very happy with Zippo, who showed everyone what he is made of.

Diederik and Four Seasons, they make quite a good story. Last November, Diederik and Silve Dietrich (co-owner) found Four Seasons in Germany. They bought the horse together right after Diederik tried him. He had a long road ahead of him, but Diederik saw something in the gentle chestnut. And now, eight months later, they have competed at the European Championships in Gothenburg. After Arlando being sold, we did not expect Diederik to come back for a major championship as fast as he did. That he and Four eventually made it to the individual finals, is an achievement we are all very proud of.

We are evenly as proud of Arlando and Anna Zibrandtsen. They have become a beautiful rider/horse combination with the expressive stallion in a short amount of time. That alone is quite an achievement, but landing a 6th place in the individual final and contributing to the Danish team silver, is extraordinary. We are thrilled that Arlando has found such a wonderful rider and that once again he is important for a national team.

Our thanks goes out to the sponsors Horka, Subli, NAF, Nice Horses, Whis and KM Worldriding. Their support to our horses and to Diederik make their performances possible.

The Dutch team plus grooms and bonds trainer Rien van der Schaft

Anna celebrates after a amazing freestyle

Diederik & Four Seasons


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