The accommodation of Stal van Silfhout is at the Drieëenhuizerweg in Lunteren has grown to an international trainings- and competition stable. 
At the complex is a 60x20 indoor arena. Outside there is another 60x20 arena with a tides soil and a longeer arena from 20x20 meter. Since October 2010 there is also an indoor trainings mill for 6 horses made by the Molenkoning. 

In total there are 45 stables in different buildings. The stables in the corridor and the stables outside are the oldest stables from the complex. There are 6 stallion stables in a different building, so the stallions can stand undisturbed without derivation from mares. In January 2007 there has been build 18 new stables. The new stables are big and light, and adjacent to the indoor arena. 

For the care of the horses is enough space. By the old stables is a laundry with a solarium and warm water. By the new stables are 4 big laundries with warm water and a separated solarium. The horses stand on a porous rubber floor, so the water can drain without drain grates.

With average 45 horses the farrier is at least one time weekly at Stal van Silfhout. He has a separated space where he can do his work without derivation from other horses. 
At the new stables there is also a spacious tack room and a space where sperm is collected from the stallions. The cover room and the laboratory are certified. Next to the stables are 4 paddocks, 2 of them are suitable for stallions. For the horses that can be outside for a longer time there are 5 meadows. 

Above the stallion stables is a guesthouse with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The guesthouse is used by the stagers and riders who are in training at Stall van Selfhood. 
Of course the riders of Stall van Selfhood do need a good transport because of the national and international competitions. The MAN truck has air suspension and is suitable for 5 horses. There has also been thought about the riders. There is a spacious living that is fully equipped. There is running water, a kitchen, a satellite TV and a DVD player, air-conditioning and a sleeping accommodation for 5 persons. Also there is a toilet, douche and washstand. 

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